Adjust stock quantities

This allows you to adjust the number of items you have in stock. This is usually used after doing stock take to make sure the your stock levels are accurate, or to write off damaged stock.

If you have a large number of stock adjustments to do at once, then consider importing them from spreadsheet (CSV file). Read more about importing stock adjustments

About stock adjustments

When recording stock adjustments

  • We update the number of items in stock.

  • When you add stock, we use the cost price entered on the adjustment to work out value of the adjustment

  • When you remove stock, we use the cost price on the stock record multiplied by the quantity of the adjustment to work out the value of the adjustment.

  • To edit an adjustment for an Inactive stock item, make the item Active first.

Enter a stock adjustment

  1. From the Products & Services tab, select the stock item you want to enter an adjustment for.
  2. Select Adjust Stock Level, then complete the required information.

    1. Date - enter the date.

      The date cannot be before your Year End Lockdown date and must be after your Accounts Start Date.

    2. Type - Choose whether to Increase quantity or Decrease quantity.

    3. Cost Price - If you are adding stock, you must enter the cost price here. We show the cost price set of the stock record by default.

    4. Quantity in Stock - shows you the current quantity in stock .

    5. Increase by / Decrease by - enter the amount to increase or decrease the stock quantity by. For example, if you have 10 in stock, and want to adjust this to 15, then Increase by5.

      You cannot decrease the quantity if this makes the stock quantity negative. For example, if you have 5 in stock and try to decrease the quantity by 6.

    6. Reason - Choose one of the options. To enter your own reason, choose Other and enter the text (up to 50 characters)

  3. Select Save.

This automatically increases or decreases the quantity in stock. It also creates an Adjustment In or Adjustment Out transaction on the stock record.

Edit a stock adjustment

  1. From the Products & Services tab, select the relevant stock item.

  2. Select the Adjustment In transaction you want to edit and adjust the stock as required.

  3. Select Save.

Delete a stock adjustment

Delete a stock adjustment at any time. When you delete an adjustment in, we update your stock levels and the average cost price.

You cannot delete an adjustment in if this results in negative stock.