Import stock adjustments

This explains how to import in bulk any adjustments you need to make to your stock levels.

Save time by recording your stock adjustments in a single CSV file and then update all your stock records at once.

Things to consider

  • The headings in the CSV file must exactly match the headings used in our CSV file template. We recommend that you download the CSV template file first to make sure the headings are correct.

  • Choose to increase or decrease the quantity you currently have in stock. To decrease the quantity, enter the amount with a - (minus sign).

  • You cannot import the file if this makes the stock quantity negative. For example, if you have 5 in stock and try to decrease the quantity by 6.

  • You must include a cost price when you increase the quantity in stock.

  • Leave the date blank to use today's date.

Download the CSV file template

Use our template to make sure your CSV has the correct column headings.

  1. From Products & Services, select the drop-arrow next to New item and select Import stock adjustments.
  2. Select the template CSV file link.

Prepare the CSV file

Choose one the following ways to create your CSV file.

  • Enter the information directly into the template file. Replace the sample data with your stock adjustments.

  • Update a CSV file you have already saved to match our template.

    • Change the column headings in your file to match our template.

    • Make sure each cell contains information in correct format. For example, some cells must only contain numbers, others only text and some have a maximum character limit.

    • Make sure all the Mandatory columns contain information.

Import your stock adjustments

  1. From Products & Services, select the drop-arrow next to New item and select Import stock adjustments
  2. Select the Upload your CSV file link.

  3. Browse to your file and choose Open.