Create and manage journals

The journals list shows journals you create, including the initial trial balance, in the order they are created. From here, you can create, edit, or delete journals.

To view the journals list, Trial Balance > Journals.

To create a journal

  1. Trial Balance > Journals > Create Journal.
  2. Enter the following information:

    Date Defaults to the current period.
    Reference Enter a reference for the journal, for example, ‘Accruals’.
    Period ending Defaults to the last day in the current period. If there is a comparative year, you can choose this from the Period ending drop-down list.
    Description Enter a description to remind you of the purpose of the journal.
  3. Enter your balances.

    • Balances round to the nearest whole number, so 100.58 will round to 101. However, bankers rounding is applied so numbers ending in 0.5 will round to the nearest even whole number. For example, whilst 100.58 will round to 101, 100.50 will round to 100 (i.e. the nearest even whole number to 100.50). Balances are supported up to £999,999,999.00.
    • You can use your keyboard’s arrow keys, the return key, or the Tab key to move around.
    • As a security feature, if you don’t press any keys for 30 minutes, the program times out. If you need to leave your desk during data entry, we recommend saving your work before doing so.
  4. Click Save.

    When saving, the total of all debits must equal the total of all credits.

To edit an existing journal

If you want to edit the initial trial balance, see Edit initial trial balance.

1. Trial Balance > Journals.

2. Click a journal row > Edit journal > edit the journal > Save.

To delete a journal

Trial balance > Journals > click the delete button beside the journal to remove > Delete.

To enter a prior period adjustment

See enter a prior period adjustment.

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