Import customer and vendor contacts

This explains how to import and export customer and supplier details using a spreadsheet saved as .csv file.

Imports new customer or supplier records only. You cannot use the import to update existing records.

Exports all details of all customers or suppliers to .csv file.

Import customers and vendors

What you need to know

  • Use separate CSV files for customers and vendors. To import both customers and vendors, you need 2 separate files.

  • Each CSV file must use the correct headings and cell formats. We recommend that you download a copy of our template file and then paste the details of your customers or vendors.

  • You must complete all the compulsory columns.

  • Every contact you import must a have Reference.

  • The maximum file size you can import is 0.5MB. If your file is larger, split it into another file.

  • When importing analysis types, make sure the analysis type already exists and is Active for the type of record you are importing. For example, an analysis type must be Active for customers before you can import customer records.

Download the CSV template file

  1. Go to Contacts, and then select New Customer, Import Customers or New Vendor, Import Vendors.
  2. Click the hyperlink to download the template CSV file.
  3. Go to the downloads folder on your computer to find the file.

Prepare the CSV file

Choose one the following ways to create your CSV file.

  • Enter the information directly into the template file. Replace the sample data with your customer or vendor details.

  • Update a CSV file you have already saved to match our template.

    • Change the column headings in your file to match our template.

    • Make sure each cell contains information in correct format. For example, some cells must only contain numbers, others only text and some have a maximum character limit.

    • Make sure all the compulsory columns contain information.

Import the contacts file