Connect Accounting Start your bank

Connect Accounting Start to your online bank with a secure bank feed. We’ll automatically check for new transactions each day and download them as soon as possible.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have a bank account set up in the Banking area of Accounting Start.
  • Check if a feed is available for you bank and account type.
  • To avoid problems when connecting bank feeds, we recommend checking that the browser you're using is set up to allow cookies from other websites.

  • Some banks will require you to log in to your bank account. Make sure you know the following

    • Online bank account credentials including the user name and password.
    • Your account number and sort code.
    • Your bank may send a code or message to your phone or email for additional security. Make sure you have access to the phone or email address registered with your bank.
    • For additional security, you'll have to re-enter your online bank credentials every 90 days.

Check if a feed is available for your bank

We are able to set up a bank feed for most bank accounts. Most banks have specific connections for the various types of bank account, so it's important to know what type of bank account you have, for example a personal or business account.

Note: At the moment it's not possible to connect foreign currency bank feeds.

Connect your bank feed

  1. From Banking find the tile of the bank account you want to connect.
  2. Select Actions, Connect.

    location of Actions menu

  3. Enter the name of your bank or credit card company and bank account type in the search box.

  4. Follow the steps to authorise the connection with your bank.
  5. If your bank supports downloading historical transactions, enter the date you want to import transactions from.

Authorise your bank feed connection

Your bank requires you to authorise the connection between your bank account and Sage. Once authorised, your bank will send bank transactions to Accounting Start.

What you need to do depends on which bank and account type you're connecting to.

Use an Authorisation form

After completing and sending an authorisation form, your bank sets up the bank feed within 3 to 10 days. Historical transactions are not included (unless you bank with Tide).

Connect via Plaid

To securely import your bank transactions we’ve partnered with Plaid, an FCA authorised service to form a direct connection with your bank. Set up usually takes 24 hours.

Follow the connection steps and log in to your online bank account when prompted

Problems connecting your bank feed?

Check out some common problems connecting a bank feed

Use our troubleshooting article to walk through common scenarios and escalate your issue - Resolve bank feed connections