RTR errors

When retrieving RPNs or processing a payroll submission, you may receive an error message. We've put together a list of the common errors that you may receive.

Submission error Details Solution
The pay date must be within the specified tax year This appears when the Pay Date is set to 2020 in the Set Period window. This is not accepted by Revenue. Enter a 2019 pay dateand pay your employees before the end of the calendar year.
Out of Date RPN Revenue are investigating this issue. Will we provide an update as soon as we have any further information.
Invalid tax year selected. Tax year canno be before the current year This occurs when the RPN is not for the current tax year. Check with ROS as they cannot send RPN that is not for the current year.
Bad request. Invalid path, parameter or value supplied This indicates the Revenue are experiencing issues with their service. To check the current status of the Revenue, please view our status page.
Cert is not active This appears if the digital certificate you're using isn't active. You need to download a new copy of the certificate.
The employment ID is missing This appears if no employment ID has been entered in the employee details for one or more employees. Revenue require every employee to have an employment ID, as this helps identify if the employee has different employments or a break in employment. To identify which employee this error's referring to, you need to create a report in the Standard Report Writer.
No PPSN or employment ID provided This is a warning returned from Revenue and relates to a missing PPSN. This error doesn't prevent the completion of a RPN retrieval or payroll submission. You can continue with the retrieval or submission then correct this warning at a later date if desired. To identify which employee this refers to, you need to create a a report in the Standard Report Writer.
Employer Registration number not found This message appears if the wrong employer registration number is entered in the company details. Check that the employer registration number is correct.
Duplicate LineItemID across the payroll run If Revenue have received duplicate information on the submission. This may be due to having duplicated employee records, employment IDs, deleting or changing the ROSDATA history file or a submission being returned as rejected by Revenue, but was in fact received. Log on to your Revenue account to review the information reported and correct this if required. Typically duplicate line items are duplications of information already submitted so no action is required as Revenue will exclude that duplication, however you need to ensure that this is the case for each report of this error.
The PPS Number has failed checksum validation You receive this message if any employees have an invalid PPS number. To identify which employee this is, run the payroll validation report. Alternatively, there's a PPS number checker available on Revenue's website.
Cert does not have appropriate permissions To correct this, you need to ensure that you're using the correct digital certificate. If you're unsure whether the certificate is the correct one, check that you can log into Revenue's website using that certificate and check all relevant details for the company. You may need to download a new copy of the certificate.
An unexpected issue has occurred while validating your payroll submission (Error code:400) This message appear if your internet connection or the Revenue website are experiencing difficulties or may be offline. Check your internet connection and that you can connect to Revenue's website and the relevant PAYE Modernisation section. If any of these are offline, try again later.
A payroll submission requires at least one payslip to submit or delete You need to save at least one timesheet in a period to make a valid submission. If no timesheets are saved in a period then you don't require a payroll submission.
The tax calculation must be entered when the RPN is not present This error refers to the tax status for Exclusion order employees. To resolve,  upgrade your Sage Payroll to the latest version to resolve this error.
The date of birth must not be in the future This appears if a date of birth for an employee has been entered with a date in the future. Check that the correct date of birth has been entered.
No details found for the payroll SubmissionID requested. This is due to Revenue experiencing issues accepting Check Requests. Check with Revenue for more information.
Number of pay periods - 0. This appears when sending a payroll submission if you have notset up the payroll calendar. From the menu bar at the top of your window, select Company/Payroll then Calendar.