Override PRSI insurable weeks

Insurable weeks should only be calculated based upon weeks that are actually worked by an employee.

If this is not the case, for example, if an employee leaves partway through the month, you can manually override the insurable weeks to ensure PRSI is being calculated correctly.

We would recommend contacting Revenue to confirm the override is required.

  1. Process your current pay run up to Edit Pay stage.
  2. Select the PRSI link in the deductions section.

  3. Select the box to Override standard insurable weeks.
  4. Enter the number of insurable weeks you wish to use for this pay run, then select Save.

Amending the standard insurable weeks value will update your PRSI Calculations. For more information see the Revenue guide on PRSI contribution rates.

If you are processing a weekly pay run, an additional box appears to advise on the number of insurable weeks that have been generated as a result of advance holiday pay.

Do you need to make corrections to completed pay runs? You’ll need to ensure that after you’ve edited a completed pay run, that you then make payroll resubmissions for all periods up to the last pay run.