Create or import customer or supplier contacts

This is step 3 of 7 to set up your clients with Sage Accounting.

On this page learn how to:

  • Create or import customer contacts
  • Create or import supplier contacts

You need to add your clients' customer and supplier contacts before adding their opening balances.

Create a customer or supplier contact

  1. From Contacts, select either Customers or Suppliers then New Customer or New Supplier.

  2. Enter the contact’s details.
    Show contact details guide
  1. If the contact is a customer and their delivery address is different to their invoice address, select the Delivery Address tab and enter their details.

  2. Select the Payments Details tab, then enter the details.
    Show the payment details guide

  3. Select the Defaults tab, then complete the details.
    Show the defaults details guide

  4. If you want to record notes for this contact, select the Notes tab and enter relevant details.
  5. Select Save.

Import a customer or supplier contact

To import a contacts file, it must:

  • contain only customers or suppliers. To import both, you need two separate files.

  • be saved in comma separated value (CSV) format.

  • use the same column headings and formatting as in the contacts CSV template file.

Step 1: Download the CSV template file

  1. Go to Contacts, and then select New Customer, Import Customers or New Supplier, Import Suppliers.
  2. Select the download CSV hyperlink.
  3. Go to the downloads folder on your computer to find the file.

Step 2: Preparing the contacts file

If you already have a file, compare it to the template file before importing your contacts. The column headings and data format in your file must match the template.

If you don't have a file, you can add your contacts to the template file. Leave the column headings as-is and then replace the sample data with your contacts, using the same format.


The maximum file size you can import is 0.5MB. If your file is larger, split it into another file.

When preparing your file, ensure that your file format is correct. Remember the file's column headings must match those in the table.
Show column headings guide

Step 3: Import the contacts file

  1. Go to Contacts, and then select New Customer, Import Customers or New Supplier, Import Suppliers.
  2. Select Choose File. Browse to your contacts CSV file and then select Open.
  3. In the CSV Format field, select Sage Instant Accounts if you’re importing from that application. If not, select Accounting.
  4. Select Upload. If any file issues are found during the process, you can read about how to fix common import errors (opens in a new window or tab).
  5. Select OK.