Prepare revised accounts for Companies House

Once you have successfully submitted a set of accounts to Companies House, you are able to revise those accounts and resubmit them to Companies House if needed.

Sage Final Accounts supports electronic filing (eFiling) to Companies House of revised financial statements, prepared to the replacement method.

To revise a set of Accounts

  1. From the Data menu select Cover.
  2. Tick the checkbox for Prepare revised accounts.
  3. This will insert the word ‘Revised’ on the cover page, include a ‘Revised financial statements’ note to the accounts, and create a new Statement of Financial Position signatory section in the data tab to allow the revised accounts to be approved.

Revised financial statements note

When preparing revised accounts, a note will automatically be added as the final note to the accounts to explain the revision. We have automatically included some of the required statements for filing, however, the financial statements are also required to state:

  • the respects in which the original financial statements did not comply with the Companies Act 2006
  • any significant amendments made to the financial statements

These text entries, plus the automatically included statements, are always required for filing because the content is validated on submission to Companies House.

Approval of the revised accounts

When preparing revised accounts, the Statement of Financial Position signatory section in the data tab will be replaced with a new signatory section for approval of the revised accounts. You will need to choose the signatory or signatories and enter the date of approval for the revised accounts.

Filing the revised accounts

The revised accounts can now be filed electronically to Companies House as with other sets, by selecting Generate sets of accounts > iXBRL for online filing.