Companies House Data Import

Save time when creating clients by importing data from Companies House. Simply enter a valid company number to search Companies House for details on a limited company or LLP.

You can import the official company name and number, registered address, directors or officers and company secretary held by Companies House. You'll also find additional information imported onto the Client Summary page.

The import is ideally suited for populating new client data or checking that existing clients have up to date information. You should be aware the import could overwrite existing data.

To import data from Companies House

  1. Select Data.
  2. Select Search Companies House from the information bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter the company number.
  4. Select Search.
  5. Confirm the company name found matches the company number you entered earlier.
  6. Final Accounts will retrieve the relevant data and you'll be presented with the Companies House Information page.

    Here you'll be able to select the data you'd like to import.

  7. Once you're happy with your selections select Update Information.

    You'll be presented with a dialogue advising you that any data already in your data tab will be overwritten (for more on this see How does the import work?).

  8. Select Yes to confirm you'd like to import data.

How does the import work?

The Companies House Information page confirms the company name and number of your client and has four import categories (Company Details, Registered Address, Officer Details and Company Secretary) to allow you to review and select the data you'd like to import.

Review the company number and name

  • To reduce the chance of errors when filing to Companies House, the company number and name are automatically included in the import and will overwrite existing data.

Company name and number review box

Company Details

  • These are imported as individual line items. If you clear a check box that item will not be imported.
  • Up to one previous name of the company is imported.

Company Details import selection box

Registered Address

  • The address data fields are imported as grouped items and are automatically selected for you.
  • 1. If you clear the header check box none of the address details will be imported and you'll retain any existing registered address information within the data tab.
  • 2. If you clear an individual line item, it won't import that line of the address but existing address details on the data page will still be overwritten.

Registered Address import selection box

Officer Details

  • The officer data fields are imported as grouped items.
  • Only officers in place during or after the given period will show in the search.

  • Limited Companies will show a list of directors.
  • LLP's will show a list of members.
  • You can drag and drop to change the order of the officers you want to import.
  • The number of officers you select will be reflected in your data tab. Previously entered officer details will be overwritten with your selections.
  • You can select up to 10 officers for import.

Officer Details import review box

Company Secretary

  • You can import only one Company Secretary. Select the individual you’d like to import.

Company Secretary import selection box