Export a full list of transactions from the Audit Trail

To export a list of all transactions all transaction entered in Accounting, use the Export option from the Audit Trail report.
The Audit Trail shows the date of each transaction, who entered it, the transaction type and relevant values.

Run the Audit trail report

  1. From Reports, choose Audit Trail.
  2. From the Period drop-down list, select Custom.
  3. Use the From and To boxes to enter the required date range, then select Calculate.

    Make sure you re-select Calculate every time you change the date range or other criteria.

  4. Choose the Summary or Detailed view.
    1. Summary - shows the transaction total.
    2. Detailed - shows theledger accounts, and the debits and credits.
  5. Select Export and then whether you want the report as PDF or CSV ( spreadsheet) file.
  6. When the report is ready, open it from the main menu bar.

Filter the list by transaction type

To export a list of a single type of transaction such as sales invoices or customer receipts

  1. Select More.

  2. From the Transaction Type drop list, choose the relevant type.

  3. Select Calculate, then Export.

Filter the list to exclude deleted transactions

Deleted transactions are automatically included and show with a line through them. To exclude these or view deleted transactions only

  1. Select More.

  2. From the Status drop list, choose to exclude deleted transactions or deleted only.

  3. Select Calculate, then Export.