Check customer statements

Use the Statement Summary Report to check your customers’ statements.

This is useful if you automatically send statements by email but also want to check and keep the information on the statements. You can also view multiple statements on the same report for one or more customers.

  1. Go to Contacts, then click either Customers or Suppliers.
  2. Select the check box next to the contacts you want to produce the report for.
  3. Click More, then click Statement Summary Report.
  4. Enter the dates you want to run the report for in the From and To boxes.
  5. Click Generate.

The report automatically downloads and a message appears on your menu bar to let you know when it’s ready. The amount of time the report takes to download depends on the amount of data you’re exporting. You can continue to work while the report downloads.

  1. Once the report has downloaded, from the menu bar, click the relevant report.

Depending on your Internet browser, the PDF opens in a new window or tab.

  1. Open your browser’s File menu, then choose to either print or save the report.