Create a VAT-only purchase invoice

This explains how to record an invoice from a supplier that only contains VAT. You may need to do this when paying deposits for large items.

How this works

We automatically record the VAT amount against the VAT on Purchases ledger account. This shows on your VAT return and you pay your VAT as normal.

Although you select a , no value is entered as the invoice has a zero net value.

Create a VAT only invoice

  1. From Purchases, choose Purchase Invoices, and New Invoice.
  2. Enter the Supplier, Invoice Date, Due Date and a Reference if required.
  3. Do not add a Product / Service.
  4. Enter the Description, for example, VAT only or VAT adjustment.
  5. In the Ledger Account list, choose your usual for purchases.
  6. Leave the Qty/Hrs and Price/Rate boxes as 0.00.
  7. Choose the relevant VAT Rate.
  8. Enter the VAT amount in the box provided.
  9. Select Save.