Sales and purchases action toolbar

The action toolbar helps you manage your list of sales and purchase transactions. You can print, email or export the lists. To save time you can also copy existing transactions so you don’t have to enter everything again. You can pay, allocate or refund outstanding transactions quickly and easily.

You can access the action toolbar from the Sales and Purchases tabs. When you select the check box next to a transaction the action toolbar appears at the top of the list.

Select the checkbox at the top-left of the list to select all items.

From the action toolbar, you can do the following:

Print The list opens in a new window or tab. You can print the list from your browser menu.
Email To send an email, enter the address and any information you want to appear in the body of the email, then Save.
CSV Depending on your internet browser, the CSV file either downloads automatically to your Downloads folder or you may receive a prompt asking you to save the file to your computer.
PDF The list opens as a PDF in a new window or tab and you can print or save it from your browser menu.
Copy This option is only available when you select a single sales item. You can use this to copy the details to a new invoice or credit note. If required, amend the information then Save. This is particularly useful if you repeatedly create invoices for the same items.
Delete You can use this option to delete or void the sales item. To comply with Revenue rules and retain sequential numbers, non-draft invoices and credit notes are voided rather than deleted.

Note: You can’t void invoices or credit notes if they’re marked as paid, part-paid or have been included on a VAT Return. If they’ve been paid or part-paid, you need to unallocate the relevant transactions. If they’ve been included on a VAT Return, you need to reverse the original transaction.

When you select transactions for the same customer or supplier, you can do one of the following:

Pay one or more invoice To record a payment against an invoice, select the checkbox next to the required invoices you want to pay, then click More then click Pay or Allocate.
The Customer Receipt or Supplier Payment options appears, complete the relevant information then click Save.
Refund Select the checkbox next to the required sales or purchase credit note you want to refund, then select More then Pay or Allocate.
The Customer Refund or Supplier Refund option appears. Complete the relevant information then click Save.