Record money in

Now you've set up your bank accounts, you're ready to start recording money you receive. This could be to:

  • Record the payments of your sales invoices.
  • Record money from other sources where you don't have a customer record such cash sales.

Consider connecting to your bank using a bank feed, to automatically import trnasctions directly from your bank account.

All payments are entered from the Banking section. Go to Banking, select New then Sale/Receipt.

Pay a sales invoice

  1. Select the Customer Receipt tab.
  2. Select the customer.
  3. Choose the bank account that the money has been paid into and enter the details such as payment Method, Date and Reference. Including a reference is useful as it helps you to trace this later.
  4. Enter the amount you've received.
  5. Match the receipt sales invoices being paid.

    Click to change the amount paid for each invoice.

  6. If this is an advance payment (payment on account) or if you want to allocate it later, just click Save.

More about allocating receipts

Record other receipts

Here you're recording money you've received that's not connected to a customer contact or sales invoice.

Choose the where you want to post the money received. For example, if the payment is for fuel, then you might choose 7300 Vehicle Fuel.

If the receipt was for different items, then you can break the it down and categorise it across multiple . Just make sure the totals all the lines matches the Amount Received. The receipt still appears as a single record in your bank account.

  1. Select the Other Receipt tab.
  2. Choose the bank account to make the payment from and enter the details such as Method, Date and Reference. Including a reference is useful as it helps you to trace the receipt later.
  3. Enter the Amount Received.
  4. Choose the to categorise the money received and enter the values. Don't forget to choose the correct VAT rate. If there's no VAT, select No VAT from the drop-down.
  5. Make sure Totals match the Amount Received and click Save.