Set a delivery address for sales invoices

How to add a delivery address so delivery notes can printed to send goods to the right place.

All sales invoices are automatically sent to the Main address and Main contact.

If some of your customer have a delivery address that's different to their main address you can choose use the delivery address automatically when creating sales invoices. The delivery address is then printed on the delivery note.

For example, you may have a delivery address and a separate address where you send statements and invoices.

Add a delivery address

  1. From Contacts, choose Customers.
  2. Select the relevant customer.
  3. From the Contacts and Addresses tab, select Add Address.
  4. Choose Delivery as the type of address. This identifies the type of address but doesn't set the address when sending invoices. You do this from the Settings, then Business Settings.
  5. Enter the relevant address details, and click Save.
  6. If you have a different contact name for the delivery address, choose Add contact next to the delivery address.

Use delivery addresses automatically on sales invoices

Once set, the delivery address set on the customer contact is added automatically when creating sales invoices. This will help to make sure that the right address is used when creating delivery notes.

If no delivery address is set on the customer contact, then the Main address is used.

  1. From Settings, then Business Settings, choose Document Preferences.

  2. From the Contact and Addresses section, under Default Delivery Address, choose Delivery Address.

  3. Click Save.

Print delivery notes

  1. Create a sales invoice from Sales, then Sales invoices.

  2. Make sure the delivery address is correct

  3. Save the sales invoice.

  4. From the right panel, choose Print delivery note.