Edit or delete an opening balance for ledger accounts

Make changes or delete a previously entered opening balance for a .

Edit or delete the opening balance

  1. From Settings, then Business Settings, find the Opening Balances section.
  2. Select Nominal Ledger.
  3. Find the relevant .
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Change amount in the Debit or Credit column.
    • Delete the opening balance using the bin button next to the relevant entry.
  5. Click Save.

How your ledger accounts are updated

The total value of all opening balances must balance to conform to bookkeeping rules.

This means the total amount of all the values in the Debit column must equal the total value of all the values in the Credit column.

When the Debit and Credit total don't match, we add the difference to the special Opening Balances (9998), which is used for this purpose.

In general, your opening balances should balance, so if there is value on your Opening Balance , check you have entered the values from your trial balance, for your bank accounts and for your customers and suppliers correctly.