Pay a sales invoice

Record when a customer has paid their invoice. Doing this marks the invoice as paid and helps you keep track of any unpaid and overdue invoices.

How it works

There are several ways to record payments against your sales invoices.

  • If your bank is connected to a bank feed, or you import bank transactions from your bank statement, simply match the receipt to an outstanding invoice from the imported transactions page in Banking.

  • Record a payment against each invoice individually. Just open the invoice and choose Record Payment.

  • To part pay the invoice, change the amount of the payment.

  • The payment must match the total amount received. You can't use part of the receipt value and save the rest for another invoice.

Once matched,

  • The invoice is marked as paid or part-paid and the outstanding amount is updated.

  • The balance of the bank account receiving the money is updated.

  • The customers account balance is updated.

  • If you use VAT Cash AccountingVAT scheme, the value is recorded on your next VAT return.

  • The following categories are updated

    Debit Credit
      Bank account
    Trade Debtors  

Pay an invoice from a bank feed or statement import

  1. From Banking, open the Transactions link for the bank the receipt is paid into.
  2. From the imported transactions page, click Match on the customer receipt.
  3. Tick the box next to the invoice or invoices you want to pay.
  4. If you are part-paying an invoice, change the amount in the Payment section to the amount that has been paid.
  5. The total value of the invoices selected to pay or part pay must match the total value of the receipt.
  6. Click Match.

Record the payment

  1. From Sales Invoices, open the invoice being paid.

    If you can’t find the invoice, check the date range includes the date of the invoice and click the All or Outstanding tabs.

  2. Choose Record Payment then enter the details.

    If this is a part-payment, change Amount Received.

    If you are giving the customer a discount, change the Amount Received to match the amount the customer is paying and then enter the Discount Amount.

  1. Click Save.

You’ve successfully recorded the payment and the invoice status shows as Paid or Part Paid.