Create a sales credit note

Record a credit notes for when customers have returned goods or cancelled on an order,

Credit notes can only be recorded for invoices with an outstanding balance.

You can’t create a credit note that is not linked to an invoice.

  1. Go to Sales Invoices then open the invoice you want to credit.

    If you can’t find the invoice, check the date range includes the date of the invoice and click the All or Outstanding tabs.

  2. Choose Add Credit Note from the right panel.
  3. Enter the date you want to use for the credit note and if required a reference.
  4. If you need to, amend the address.
  5. If you need to credit part of the invoice, change the amount so it shows the value you’re crediting.
  6. If the invoice contains several items but you only want to credit some of them, remove items that are not being credited using the bin icon next to the relevant item.
  7. If you want to attach a file such as a supporting document, select Attachment and then Upload files the file.

  8. Save the credit note.

Once saved, the invoice will show as paid or part-paid depending on whether the whole amount was credited. The outstanding balance on the customers account is reduced.