About sales credit notes

Do you need to send a credit note to your customer because they've returned faulty goods, or to reduce the value of an invoice you've sent to them? You can create a credit note from the original invoice. This saves you time, as it populates some of the credit note details using information from the invoice, and automatically allocates (matches) the credit note to the invoice.

Before sending your first invoice or credit note

You need to enter your business details and VAT settings before your create your first invoice or credit note. You'll have entered your business address when you completed the Quick Start Wizard, but it's good to take a moment to check your other business and financial settings now.

Check your business address details

Set your VAT scheme

It is helpful if you set up records for your customers, and create your products and services if you use them. This saves you time when creating your invoices and credit notes, as the customers, products and services you use often are available to select from a list.

Create customer contacts

Import customer contacts

Create or import products and services

If you want to customise the appearance of your invoices, credit notes, or other documents, now is a great time to do it. For example, add a business logo, or change the template and colour of the documents you send.

Customising sales documents

Change what's shown on invoices and other documents

Create a sales credit note

Create a sales credit note

Save and send a credit note

Save your credit note

Send a credit note

Apply a credit note to an invoice

Match a credit note to one or more invoices