Save an invoice as a draft

If you've entered your invoice details but you're not quite ready to send the invoice and update your accounts, you can save it as a draft . The invoice doesn't update your accounts or your customer's balance so you can come back and update the details before finalising and sending to your customer.

When to create a draft

Below are examples of when you might create a draft, and when a pro forma could be better.

You run a construction company. A regular customer calls you to enquire about your availability to do some work for them in the next couple of weeks. You confirm your availability, but will need to call your customer back to firm up the details. As you have an idea of what work the customer needs you to do, you can start creating a draft invoice so you can send it to your customer straight away when they call back to confirm the details.

Create a draft invoice

To create a draft invoice, enter your invoice details as usual. To save it as a draft , instead of saving as a normal invoice, choose the Save as Draft from the Save drop-down list. .

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