Resolve issues with a bank feed

This article covers some common troubleshooting steps to

  • Help you connect your bank feed
  • Help when transactions are not importing from your bank feed as expected.

Problems finding a bank feed for your bank

We have a bank feed connection for most bank accounts. To see if your bank is supported Read check whether a bank feed is available for your account.

If a bank feed is not available for your account, we recommend checking again soon, as new feeds are added regularly.

In the meantime you can either

Problems connecting a bank feed

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you're having problems connecting to your bank.

Check the status of the bank feed

Any known issues with bank feeds are reported on this Bank feed status page (opens in new window).

Check your online bank service

If you're having problems connecting a bank feed, try to

  1. Log in to your bank account to confirm you can access your account with no issues. Make a note of the user name and password as you need these to set up the bank feed.
  2. Make sure you accept any changes to terms and conditions, and read any outstanding messages. These can sometimes prevent us connecting to your account.
  3. Check your bank account is set up for third party connections.

Try the connection again

  1. Go back to Accounting Start and connect your bank again.
  2. Make sure you choose the bank feed that matches your account type.
  3. Make sure you enter the same credentials when you try to connect your bank feed.
Note: Some banks may give the option to select multiple accounts when you are setting up your bank feed, this is not supported in Accounting Start. You must make sure only one bank account is selected.

Check your web browser

Check your browser allows cookies

Before connecting a bank feed we recommend checking that the browser you're using on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone is set up to allow cookies from other websites.

Instructions for allowing cookies vary according to the internet browser software you're using. More details can be found on the following links:

The following errors or behaviour may be experienced if your device is not set up to allow cookies:

What you might see When or where you might see it
Error - We are having technical difficulties, please try again Any time when connecting a bank feed
When you enter the name of your bank or credit card company in the search box a drop-down list of available bank feeds does not appear when you start typing. When searching for bank accounts on the Connect your bank screen.
Error 402
Error 414

When connecting to bank accounts

Check in a different browser

If you can't connect in your current browser, try using one of the following instead:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Opera

Check popups, browser extensions and antivirus

If you are still unable to connect your bank you could try the following:

  • Enable popups for all sites within your web browser settings

  • Disable any browser extensions

  • Disable any web antivirus

You can change these settings back to how they were after you have successfully connected.

Check your device

Try using a different device to access Accounting Start to connect your bank feed.

Can someone else authorise my bank feed?

Only the account holder can authorise a bank feed, as online banking login details must be entered.

It's not possible for accountants to set up a bank feed connection for clients as the feed must be authorised using secure login details.

Problems with a bank feed you've already connected

Here are some troubleshooting steps when transactions are missing from your bank feed or have been duplicated.

Expected transactions have not been imported

We check bank feeds for new transactions regularly through out the day and we rely on your bank to send us new transactions.

There may times when transactions are showing in your bank account but have not yet been imported into Accounting Start.

  • Most banks send us transaction once a day, for the previous day.
  • For direct bank feeds, we receive transactions on the following schedule:



    Every day, for the previous day


    Royal Bank of Scotland

    Monday to Saturday, for the previous day

    Bank of Scotland

    Cashplus, Lloyds

    Tuesday to Saturday, for the previous day

If you have transactions in your bank account that have not been imported, we recommend that you:

  • Check your bank feed is working properly. We update the Bank feed status page on the Sage website with known problems.
  • Check to see if your bank feed needs to be re-authenticated. For security reasons you must re-authorise with your bank every 90 days. When this happens, we display a message at the top of the page. Choose Enter Credentials to re-authorise the bank feed.

Duplicate transactions in your bank feed

In some cases you may discover that your bank feed has imported duplicate transactions. This may be because your bank has made an error in providing transactions to us, or something has gone wrong with the bank feed.

Where we have identified an issue with a particular bank feed, we will update the bank feeds status page. This will tell you if there is a reported incident.

How you delete these depends on when you notice the duplicate transactions. If you have

  • Only imported from your bank feed - discard the duplicated transactions from the bank feed.
  • Created the duplicate transactions in Accounting Start - delete any transactions from the bank account ( Activity tab). Where possible, we recommend that you delete transactions before reconciling your bank account.

  • Reconciled your bank account - delete the transactions from your bank activity in the same way. We update the starting balance of your next bank reconciliation to reflect the deleted transaction. Read more about how to delete bank transactions.

  • Included them on a submitted VAT return - create a reverse transaction to clear the value from the bank account. Read Correct transactions included on a VAT return.

Still having problems?

If you are still having trouble with your bank feeds you can escalate your issue to our customer support team.

Use our bank feed escalation form here.