Processing a pay run - The Confirm Pay window

Confirm Pay is the final stage of a pay run. At this stage, you can view an overall picture of the pay run, generate a detailed report of your payroll information and finalise your pay run.

Pay Trends graph

The Pay Trends graph plots total employee net pay over the most recent pay runs, including the current one. It also plots the total cost to the employer of the employees’ pay. The graph is a useful visual way of seeing unexpected pay changes.

For example, if all the employees are on a fixed pay rate, the total employee net pay value normally should not change. If you do see an unexpected change, it may be because of a pay processing error.

Draft Payslips

You can use the Payslip links to generate draft payslips to check values for an individual employee. As the pay run isn’t yet finalised, these are only draft payslips, and these versions are not suitable to print or send to your employees. You can produce payslips for your employees once you complete the pay run.

To open the detailed report

To generate the detailed report, click the open the detailed report link.

The report opens in a new tab and gives you comprehensive information about the current pay run. You can use it to confirm that all pay values have been calculated correctly.

To complete the pay run and submit the FPS

  1. Process the pay run up until the Confirm Pay stage.
  2. Click Complete Pay Run.
  3. If you haven’t previously entered your Government Gateway credentials, you can do so now. If you’ve entered them before and chosen to store the information, they don’t appear automatically, so to check whether the credentials you use for the FPS are correct, clear the Use saved HMRC login check box. You can then view the values.
  4. Check that the company details and Government Gateway credentials are correct.

The required Accounts Office Ref. is assigned to you when you register as an employer. If you're an Accountant submitting on behalf of a client, enter your Agent submission details. Your client can use the 'Authorising your agent (64-8)' form to tell HMRC that they give authorisation for someone to act on their behalf for individual or business tax affairs. Find more information on the HMRC website

  1. If your pay date is outside your FPS deadline, select a late reason.
  2. Click Confirm.

What happens next?

The Completed Pay Run window appears after you complete the pay run and submit the FPS.

Check the RTI panel for the status of the FPS submission. If the FPS submission failed, you can view information that can help you to resolve any issues.

You can print or email payslips for your employees, now the pay run is complete.