Pay run reports

After each completed pay run you can generate a series of reports. These include:

  • Employee Net Pay
  • View and download payments employees are due to be paid over the pay period.
  • Payslip Summary
  • View and download a summary of information as seen on the employee's payslip including payments and deductions.
  • Employer Costs
  • View and download a summary of employer cost per employee to see how much your payroll is costing you.
  • Liability Totals
    A breakdown of amounts due to HMRC.

Find out what information these reports include at-a-glance.

We recommend you save or print these reports for your records each time you process a pay run

A detailed payroll report, which combines all of the reports above, can be accessed from Pay Runs.

To generate a report

  1. Go to Reporting, then select the report you want to create from the list.
  2. Select the Tax Year, Frequency and Pay Period.

    It is currently only possible to generate these reports to cover single pay periods in the 2020/21 tax year.

  3. Choose Generate to populate the table on-screen. Be aware that data may be displayed across multiple pages.

To export a report

  1. Click Export and select a file format for your report. You can choose to export as a PDF or CSV file.
  2. Your report will open in a new tab in your internet browser and you can choose whether to download or print the file.