Online Payslips: an employer's guide

With online payslips, your employees can view and download their payslips and P60s. They can access them online or via the Sage HR mobile app.

Other benefits include:

  • payslips are automatically published when you complete a pay run

  • your employees can access their payslips at any time

  • your employees’ personal information is securely stored

  • there is no extra cost associated with the feature

You can download the app from the following locations:

Download the Sage HR mobile app for Android (opens in a new tab)

Download the Sage HR mobile app for Apple (opens in a new tab)

You can still print and email payslips and P60s if you want to.

If you want to watch a video that explains how to set up and use online payslips, you can do so below:

Before you set up

Before you set up your employee access to online payslips you need to:

  • Log in to Sage Payroll as the user registered as the business owner. Only this use has access to the employer options for online payslips.

  • Have a valid email address for each employee you invite. They get an activation email as part of the process.

  • Have a valid National Insurance number for each employee you invite.

Set up online payslips

To set up online payslips:

  1. As the user registered as the business owner, log in to your Sage Business Cloud Payroll account

  2. From the dialog box in the bottom right-hand corner of the Summary screen. Select Find Out More.

    You’ll then see an overview of how the feature works.

  3. Select Set up Online Payslips.

  4. Read and accept the Sage HR Terms and Conditions.

Invite your employees

To invite your employees:

  1. Select Go to Invite Employees

  2. Select the check boxes for each employee you want to access online payslips.

  3. Select Invite to Online Payslips then Continue.

    The next time you complete your pay run, payslips are automatically published for those employees.

View online payslip data

After you have set up online payslips, they automatically generate when you complete a pay run. To see your employee's online payslip and P60 information:

  1. From the Summary screen, select View Online Payslips.

  2. Select any of the employees in the list to see a history of their payslips and P60s.

  3. Select any of their payslips or P60s to see them in more detail.

You can also download the payslips and P60s, either all at once or individually.

Resend the employee email invite

To resend an employee invitation:

  • From the Employees tab select Pay Document Preferences then Resend Invitation.

    The invitation email expires after 24 hours.

Change an employee’s email address

To change an employee's email address:

  1. Log into Sage Payroll as a user with administrator access.

  2. From the employee record, to disable their current email address, select Remove Access.

  3. Enter the new email address and select Send Invitation.

Remove access for an employee

If an employee leaves the business and you no longer want them to have access to Online Payslips:

  • From the employee record, select Remove Access.

Payslip corrections

If you make a correction before you publish online payslips:

  • The corrected payslip is automatically published as normal.

If the publish date has passed, when you finish making the correction:

  • Republish any payslips that have changed.

To do this:

  • From the Completed Pay Run screen, select Publish Payslips.

    This uploads the corrected payslips and overwrites the existing ones.

What your employee sees

After inviting your employees, they receive an email from [email protected]. The email contains a link to access their payslips and P60s. Once logged in, your employees can watch a two-minute video to see how to use the feature.

The main area shows a breakdown of your employees’ pay. There’s also an option to view the most recent payslip in more detail.

Employees get an email each time a new payslip is available.

Fair usage policy

Your Sage Business Cloud Payroll support subscription includes the following usage limits.

The limit applies per company, and historical payslips are not included in the usage.

Employee tiers

Maximum per month

Up to 15


Up to 25


Up to 50


Up to 75


Up to 100


If you need more than the maximum usage per month, please contact our Sales team to move to the next employee tier.

If you already use more than the fair usage limit, we’ll contact you to discuss your options.