Change your employees to a new Smart pensions

If you process your employees on a custom pension scheme and wish to switch to Smart Pensions, one of the steps is to change your employees away from the Custom Pension type to the new Smart Pension type

Before you begin, you must log in to your Smart Pension online account and make a note of the External ID (Payroll ID) for each of your employees. Find out how >

  1. Go to Employees, then click on an employee to open their record.
  2. Click Edit, then click the Workplace Pensions tab.
  3. From the Pension Scheme drop-down list, click SMART Pension.
  4. Do one of the following:
  • If there is an External ID (Payroll ID) for this employee in Smart Pension, amend the existing value in the Pension Provider ID box to match the employee’s External ID (Payroll ID).
  • If there isn’t an External ID (Payroll ID) for this employee in Smart Pension, you must make a note of the existing Pension Provider ID value in Payroll. Then enter this value into the corresponding employee record in Smart. This will ensure that the two records link correctly.

When new employees are created on Payroll and enrolled into a Smart Pension scheme, Payroll automatically communicates the Pension Provider ID on the enrolment submission and this automatically updates the External ID (Payroll ID) on the Smart portal.

  1. Within Payroll, scroll down to the bottom of the employee record window, then click Save.
  2. Repeat the steps above for any other employees that should be on the new Smart Pension type.

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