Pension notification letters

Throughout automatic enrolment, each employee is likely to receive a number of different letters at different times throughout the process.

You can find more information, as well as templates of these letters on the Pension Regulators website

Advance notices of automatic enrolment

One of your employer duties is to write to all of your employees employed by you at your staging date about automatic enrolment and what it means to them. If you’ve already set up a pension scheme, you can write to your employees straight away by letter or email to give them some information about automatic enrolment.

You can print or email advance notices in Payroll by selecting Pensions, then click Communicate Auto Enrolment changes to your employees and select if you would like to print or email the letters.

Opt in notices

Non-eligible jobholders can opt in to a qualifying pension scheme. If an employee chooses to opt in, you need to send your employee the relevant information to tell them they’ve been opted in to a pension scheme.

Templates are available on from TPR website.

Postponement notices

If you choose to postpone your entire payroll, you must write to tell the employees whose automatic enrolment you’re postponing within six weeks of the date you postpone.

You can find a template for this from the TPR Website.

You can also postpone individual employees who are eligible jobholders. A template for individual postponement notice is available from TPR website. See section 31 – Carrying out postponement.