Adding a pension scheme to an employee

If you have set up a pension scheme. in Payroll, you can add a pension deduction to an employee when you process their pay by following the below steps;

Each employee can have only one pension scheme deduction, so if there’s an existing pension scheme assigned to them, you must remove this first.

  1. Click the Pay Runs tab, then click Process Pay Run.
  2. Continue with the process as normal until the Edit Pay stage, entering all usual payments and deductions.
  3. Click Add Deduction, then click Add a new Workplace Pension. This option is only available once you’ve created at least one pension scheme.
  4. Select the pension scheme and group. If you are using NEST pensions you will also be asked for the Payment Source you want to use.
  5. Click Save and repeat the process for any other employees who should be assigned to a pension scheme.

If you wish to delete the deduction from the employee record, you can click the cross button, next to the deduction entry when you process the employees pay.