Processing an opt in request

Employees who aren’t automatically enrolled, have the right to opt into a pension scheme.

Opting in applies to a non-eligible jobholder. They can opt in to a qualifying pension scheme and you must make employer contributions.

Opt in requests should not be confused with a Join request

  1. Process the pay run as normal until the Edit Pay stage.
  2. Click on the relevant employee, then click Opt In.
  3. Enter the following information:
Request received Enter the date you received the opt in request from your employee
Pension scheme Choose the scheme the employee is to contribute to.
Pension plan or group Choose the specific pension plan or group the employee is to contribute to.
Payment source Choose the payment source relevant to the employee. This is only applicable to NEST pension schemes.
  1. You need to send your employee the relevant information to tell them they’ve been opted in to a pension scheme from the TPR’s website.
  2. Click Opt In.

The Edit Pay screen now displays that the employee is non-eligible and an opt in request has been received. If you want to edit their opt in details click Manage Enrolment, then click Edit Opt In, amend the required details and click Amend.

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) state that once you receive an opt in notice, the first day of the next tax period is the enrolment date. If the opt in notice is received after your payroll date, then the enrolment date is the first day of the second tax period.

For example, if your process date is 15 December and you receive the opt-in notice on the 14 December, the employee’s enrolment date is set to 6 January. If you receive the opt in notice on the 16 December, the enrolment date is 6 February.

Contributions are made after the employee’s enrolment date.