NEST submissions failing due to NEST group not aligning to Payroll tax periods

If you haven’t set up your group frequency in NEST correctly, when you try to submit your contributions from Payroll you will receive an error relating to pay periods.

If your group isn’t set up correctly, you must create a new group in NEST. You can’t edit an existing group’s frequency. If you receive this error, this article explains how to correct this in NEST and Payroll.

Corrections in NEST

Step 1: Check group in NEST

Your NEST group must be set up to align with the tax periods in order to integrate with Payroll. So when you’re setting up your NEST group, select a frequency of Tax Monthly instead of monthly, and Tax weekly instead of weekly.

If your NEST group doesn’t match Payroll, you must create a new group in NEST.

There may be delays when changing information on the NEST portal,

Step 2: Move your workers in NEST if you’ve already set them up

If you haven’t set up your workers in NEST yet, you can disregard this section as Payroll will create a new enrolment file for you.

If you’ve already set your workers in NEST, you must move the workers into the newly created group.

After you’ve moved your workers, it can take up to 24 hours for the new payment schedules to be created in NEST. You may need to wait for these to appear in NEST before you try to upload your NEST submission again.

To check if they have been created in NEST, go to the NEST homepage then click Manage contributions. The pay periods should match the pay period in Payroll.

Corrections in Payroll

Once you’ve set up your new group in NEST, you’ll be able to amend your pension in Payroll to exactly match any changes you make in NEST.

If your pension was set up incorrectly in regard to =anything which affects the amount of contributions calculated on previous pay runs, you may need to post a correction.

Once the new payment schedule has dropped into place in NEST, you can try your submission from Payroll again. Please be aware that this can take up to 24 hours.