You can postpone the assessment of all of your employees on your duties start date. You can also postpone individual employees when they start to work for you or if they become eligible to be enrolled at a later date. This may occur if they have a temporary pay spike or turn 22 years of age.

You can find further detailed information on postponement on The Pensions Regulator (TPR) website.

When you postpone, you must write to tell the employees whose automatic enrolment you’re postponing within six weeks of the date you have postponed them from.

Multiple postponements

If you choose to postpone an individual employee, you can’t postpone the employee again until the postponement period has ended.

Once the postponement period ends the employee is automatically assessed and assigned a worker category.

If the employee is an eligible jobholder they’re enrolled automatically. If the employee is a non-eligible jobholder or entitled worker, as they have had a period of assessment following their postponement, if they become an eligible jobholder again in future you can postpone them again for a maximum of three months.