Send Smart Pension submissions

This guide will take you through the steps you must complete to set up and process online submissions to SMART pensions.

To get started, please click the relevant option below:

Set up your Smart Pension scheme in Payroll

As you’re new to Payroll, or you haven’t set up your Smart Pension scheme yet, you must complete the following tasks:

Process a pay run with your Smart Pension contributions

  1. Process a Pay Run that includes Smart Pension contributions up to the *Completed Pay Run Window.
  2. Click View Submission Details. A summary of your submission appears.
  3. Enter your Sage login details if prompted. Confirm your figures.
  4. Click Submit Online to send your pension contribution details to Smart Pension.

If you haven’t made any submission to Smart Pension yet, you’re asked to confirm some details to authorise your Smart submissions. Once completed, your first submission to Smart Pension commences.

If your Payroll is linked to an accountant, you will need to decide who’s Smart Pension details to use to complete the submission.

When a submission is in progress, the option to edit a completed pay run is disabled. This is to prevent any inconsistencies between the data held in Payroll and the data being sent to Smart Pension.

For further infomation on Smart Submissions, you can view our guides on corrections and submission errors