Send pension data to NEST - Online submissions

If your pension provider is NEST, you can easily set up a pension scheme and send your required submission files to NEST. You no longer need to create and upload CSV files to them.

Before you start

Before you can submit your NEST online submission feature, make sure the pension information recorded in Payroll matches the pension details you’ve set up on your NEST online account.

  1. Check that your employees’ National Insurance (NI) numbers are correct.

    This is because where an employee has no NI number, pension contributions are deducted before tax. See Employee with no national insurance (NI) number - NEST pensions.

    How to check your NI Numbers

  2. Check your staging date is recorded correctly.

    Check your staging date from the Summary screen

  3. Check your NEST pension information is correct in Payroll. NEST and Payrollmust match exactly.

To send your pension submissions directly to NEST

  1. In the Completed Pay Run summary click Pension submissions, then click View Submission Details. A summary of your employees’ pension details and contributions appears for you to review. If any any warnings that appear you must correct these by clicking Edit Employee.
  1. Click Submit online.
    If you’re sending online pension submissions for the first time, you must enter your Sage login details. first.
  1. When prompted, click Submit.
  1. Once your online submission is successfully sent to NEST, the following message appears in the Pension submissions section:

‘The NEST pension values were successfully submitted’

If you receive an error message at this stage, you must correct it before attempting the submission again.