Authenticate your practice

This is step 5 of 7 to set up your practice.

On this page learn how to:

  • Connect with or disconnect from HMRC using your Agent Services Account

So VAT Centre can request data about your clients' VAT accounts, you need to set up a secure connection with HMRC.

After 18 months, you will need to re-authenticate with HMRC. You can revoke authentication at any time.

  1. Select the company drop-down list then Manage Business Account.

  2. In the YOUR PRACTICE AUTHENTICATION section select Authenticate My Practice.

  3. You'll be taken to the HMRC website to grant permission.

    Select Continue.

  4. Enter your Agent Services Account details, then select Sign in. This gives VAT Centre permission to interact with HMRC on your behalf.

  5. Select Grant authority.

  6. You'll return to the HMRC Connection page. Your practice will be authenticated for 18 months.

To disconnect your account select Disconnect Account.