Get started with Client Management

After reading this topic you will know:

  • How to keep your clients organised by using client folders.

  • Understand how to use the client list to better find clients.

  • Make changes to your clients' details including what products they are subscribed to.

Did you know there's an in-product tour that you can open within Client Management?

If you've not already worked through the tour, take a look by selecting View product tour when using Client Management

Select view product guide to learn more about Client Management

The product tour explains how to:

  1. Organise your clients into folders.

  2. Work with the client list.

  3. View and change your clients' details.

  4. Access your clients' subscriptions.

We'll explore these same areas in these help topics as well.

Organise your clients into folders

You'll see client folders when you're on the client list and have Folder view selected.

Consider the scenario where you do work for a company called Imagine Microsystems. You are engaged to do the final accounts work for Imagine Microsystems and also the personal tax returns for the directors Isabella Brown and Amelia Thomas.

A client folder lets you group the company with the directors so they appear together in the client list.

Maple IA Systems contains a company and 2 clients

For details on how to add clients read:

Add clients

Work with the client and contact lists

The client list is where you’ll find all of the client folders and clients. View the client list by selecting the Clients tab.

The contact list is where you'll find all of the contacts. View the contact list by selecting the Contacts tab. You'll also find a client's related contacts within each client's record in the Relationships tile.

The prospect list is where you'll find all your prospects. View the prospect list by selecting the Prospects tab. You'll also find a client's related prospects within each client's record in the Relationships tile.

Your list may look different to other colleagues in your practice if the person in charge of administrating Client Management in your office has given you access to a selection of clients instead of all of them.

Key parts of the client list

The client list

A Toggle between displaying the clients within their client folders or as a flat list by selecting Folder view or List view.

Select Include hidden clients in list to show all clients including those you've hidden.

C Find clients by entering their names in the search box.

Select Filter to display a subset of clients.

E Add clients ready to store their details.
F When in the Folder view, expand a client folder in the list to see the clients within.
G Select Actions for additional actions to take with your client folders and clients.
H Individuals and organisations are shown when a client folder is expanded.

For details on how to find clients in the client list read:

Find a client in the list

Filter the list

View and change your clients' details

Once you've added your clients to, Client Management it's easy to update their details.

It's simply a case of finding them in the client list, selecting Actions and then editing their details.

For details on how to update your clients read:

Manage details for your clients, contacts and prospects

Access your clients' subscriptions

So that you can provide bookkeeping and payroll services for your clients, you can buy a subscription to Sage Accounting or Sage Payroll and assign them to one of your clients.

You can open any of your client's subscriptions from the client list by selecting the name of the product in the same row as the client.

Access client subscriptions from the client list

Or once you've opened a client, you can find them in the Products tile.

Access your client's subscriptions from the Subscriptions tile


If you're accessing a subscription that your client is paying for, open the client, select the Products tab, then find the subscription under the Connected heading.

For details on how to manage subscriptions read: