Add and manage prospects

After reading this topic you will know:

  • How to add a prospect.

  • How to use prospects within Client Management.

  • How to convert a prospect into a client.

Using the prospect record

With a prospect open, there are a number of options available.

Add a prospect

  1. Select the Prospects tab.

    Prospects tab

  2. Select Add prospect from the prospect list menu.

    Add prospect button

  3. Choose a prospect type.

  4. Fill in the necessary fields for your prospect. These will differ depending on the prospect type you've selected.

  5. Work through the wizard, selecting Next when you've completed each page.

  6. Select Save.

Turn a prospect into a client

If you have a prospect that you need to do work for, like their bookkeeping or tax affairs, you will need to convert them into a client. This will allow you to add products like Accounting or Personal Tax to them.

Once converted, any relationships you've already established with other clients will be retained.

  1. From the prospect list, select the prospect you want to convert.

  2. From the Prospect actions menu, select Convert prospect to client.
    Convert prospect to client action

  3. Choose the folder you want to save your converted client in, and select Convert.
    Convert prospect to client dialog

All existing relationships will remain.

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