Manage subscriptions

The Manage subscriptions page is where you will go to buy, change, resubscribe to, or cancel product subscriptions.

You must be signed in as the business owner, or be assigned the relevant permission by the business owner to manage subscriptions.

If you subscribed through the Apple store, go to the Apple Wallet to manage your Sage subscriptions.

Play a video about managing subscriptions.

Products your business subscribes to

  1. From the navigation bar, select your business name, then Manage business account.

location of manage business account

  1. Select the Subscriptions (or Subscriptions and Invoices) tab.

  2. Select:

  • Manage subscriptions. To start a product trial, subscribe to a product, or cancel a subscription.

  • Add New Product or Upgrade. To subscribe to another product or to upgrade a subscription.

If you see the Add New Product or Upgrade options but want to cancel your subscription, read Cancel your Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Payroll subscription.

  1. Your subscription changes and pricing shows on the right.

Client subscriptions in Sage for Accountants

You can buy a subscription to Sage Accounting, Sage Payroll, Final Accounts, Corporation Tax, or Personal Tax (for an individual) to provide these services for any client.

Once purchased, you can open a product from the Products section in the client record.

To buy or manage client subscriptions:

  1. From the list in Client Management, select the client to which you want to add a product.

  2. Select Manage products from the Products section.

location of Manage products button

  1. Select Manage subscriptions.

  2. Select the product you want to buy and then select Apply changes.

  3. Follow any remaining steps to complete your purchase.

To review subscriptions your client pays for:

  1. From the client list, select the client.

  2. Select Manage products from the Products section.

  3. Products the client is paying for show in the Connected section.

Change a subscription

Depending on the product, you can change your subscription in the following ways:

  • Sage Accounting. While you can upgrade your subscription at any time, you cannot downgrade it. For example, go from Accounting Plus to Accounting Start. This is because your data will be formatted for the features in the higher tier product. It cannot be reformatted for use with a lower tier. To downgrade, you must reset (delete) your existing data. You can then subscribe to the lower tier product and re-enter your data.

  • Sage Accounting Individual. You can downgrade from the paid plan to the free plan as long as you have not exceeded the number of bank accounts allowed or attachment storage limit.

  • Sage Payroll. You can add or remove employees any time. Keep in mind that the number of active employees you have in Payroll must match the subscription level. For example, if you have 25 active employees, you cannot change your subscription to 5-10 employees.

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