Change to a different client type

It’s possible to change from one client type to another. This is achieved by switching from one compliance pack to another.

Changing between client types will cause you to lose data that is no longer relevant to the client type you’re moving to.

  1. Sets of Accounts Options > Period Options > Compliance Pack.
  2. From the Client type drop-down list, choose the new client type. Review the warnings and if you’re sure to proceed > Save.

    Depending on the complexity of the client’s set of accounts, changing to a different client type may take a short time. If you return to the main summary page for the client, and attempt to open a set of accounts being changed to a new client type, you’ll see a holding page until the change is complete. This won’t take long and is to make sure you don’t inadvertently change anything that might affect the process.

Things to consider

  • Nominal data and content blocks may or may not carry across depending on the logic defined in the compliance pack.
  • Compliance packs that are similar will have more elements carried across. Packs that are different will have less elements carried across.

As a general rule, standing data such as business address and company name will always transition. However, the following table illustrates the principles of data preservation when transferring from one client type to another for more specific data types.

  Sole Trader Partnership Small Limited company Micro-entity LLP
Sole Trader NA All None None None
Partnership Some NA None None None
Small Limited Company None None NA Some None
Micro-entity None None All NA None
Limited Liability Partnership None None None None None
  • All – All information is preserved.
  • Some – All nominal information will transition, but some other data may be lost.
  • None – No information is preserved.

When moving between limited companies and micro-entities, whilst your note content is preserved, the note blocks themselves may need to be added again. You do this simply by clicking the plus button on the note blocks you want to add. Once they’re added, you’ll see your existing content has been preserved.

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