Recalculate a VAT Return

There may be times when you need to recalculate a VAT Return, for example, because you’ve added some extra transactions for that period but didn’t include them on the original return.

You can recalculate your VAT Return if:

  • You created a draft invoice.
  • You submitted it to HMRC and the submission failed.

If you’ve already submitted your return to HMRC or marked it as paid, you can’t recalculate it. Instead, if you’ve entered any extra transactions, the next time you create a return, you’re asked if you want to include the transactions from a previous period. Simply click Yes, and they’re included on the return.

  1. Go to the Reporting tab, then click VAT Returns.
  2. Click the VAT Return you want to recalculate.
  3. Amend the dates if necessary, then click Calculate.

The VAT Return recalculates and you can complete it as normal.