Navigation and data grids

  • Choose standard or advanced navigation.
  • Select the number of rows to show in tables.
  • Set the time zone.
  • Show or hide the Getting Started page.

Go to Settings, then Business Settings, Navigation and Data Grids to set the following personal preferences in Sage Accounting.

In this section, you can change the labels and groupings on the main navigation bar.

  • Standard. This is the default navigation setting, recommended for all businesses. Using this setting, reports are found only on the Reporting menu in the navigation and the other menu titles are named using traditional business terminology such as Sales and Purchases.

image of the standard navigation labels


  • Advanced. This setting changes the navigation to use an accounting-based menu structure, recommended for accountants. Using this setting, reports and features are added to menus as they relate to traditional accounting practices. For example, instead of having an Adjustments menu with selections only for Journals and Corrections (as with the Standard setting), these items are listed with reports and other items on the Accountant menu. Additionally, the menu titles use accounting instead of business terminology. For example, Sales Ledger instead of Sales and Purchase Ledger instead of Purchases.

image of the advanced navigation bar

Tables of Data

In this section, set the number of items you want to display on pages with tables in the Show me 10 items in each table unless I override it field. While 10 items is the default global setting, you can override it on-demand by selecting another number in the Show 10 records within the footer of individual table pages.


Select a number greater than 10 in this section to minimise the need to override the setting per page.

Time Zone

Select your local time zone so that when you run reports, the date and time stamp on them is accurate.

Getting Started

The Getting Started tab on the Summary page provides a list of hyperlinks to give you quick access to different areas of Sage Accounting. If you prefer to hide this tab, unselect Show the Getting Started panel in this section.

This setting is also controlled by the Hide Getting Started button on the bottom of the Summary page. It displays only when the tab is showing. If you clicked the button to hide the tab, you can turn it on again any time in this section.