Find unreconciled bank transactions

Use the Unreconciled Bank Transactions report to help you when reconciling your bank account.

This report shows all bank transactions which have yet to be reconciled at the date specified. This is particularly useful if, for example, you’re checking a previous reconciliation and a transaction doesn’t appear as it was entered after you reconciled your last statement but with a date in the previous period.

Produce the report

The report shows all unreconciled transactions up to the current date.

To search for a particular transaction, enter the reference or the value of the transaction in the search box.

  1. Go to Reporting, then click More.
  2. Choose Unreconciled Bank Transactions.

  3. Enter the date you want to run the report up to.
  1. Choose the bank account you want to view the unreconciled transactions for. We'll show the bank balance and reconciled balance up to that date. the difference between these amounts is the total of your unreconciled transactions.
  2. Select a transaction to view the details. Choose Back on your browser menu bar to return to the report.
  3. To save or print the report click Export, then choose one of the following:

    • CSV – Depending on your Internet browser, the file automatically downloads to your Downloads folder or you’re prompted to save the file. If prompted, browse to where you want to save the file then click Save.
    • PDF – The PDF opens in a new window or tab. Open your browser’s File menu then choose to print or save the report.

Find reconciled and unreconciled transactions for a certain date

Sometimes you may need to see a list of both reconciled and unreconciled bank transactions at a given date. This is common request when being audited for example.

To do this you'll need to unreconciled transactions report and a list of reconciled transactions from the Reconciliations page for the bank for the same date range.

Find a list of reconciled transactions

Do this from the Reconciliations page.

  1. From Banking, open the required bank account.

  2. Select Reconciliations.

  3. Open the reconciliation you want to view,

  4. Choose Print