Cashbook Report

You can use the Cashbook Report to track the movements and balance for a selected bank account over a specified period of time.

To produce the report

  1. Go to Reporting, then click More. Under Cash Reports, click Cashbook Report.
  2. On the Bank Account list, choose the relevant bank account.
  3. On the Period list, select the period you want to report on.
If you choose Custom from the Period list, you can enter a span of dates in the From and To boxes, to form the basis of the reporting period.
  1. Click Calculate.
  1. To save or print the report click Export and from the drop-down list choose one of the following options:
  • CSV – Depending on your internet browser, the file automatically downloads to your Downloads folder or you’re prompted to save the file. If prompted to save the file, browse to where you want to save it then click Save.
  • PDF – The PDF opens in a new window or tab and you can then print or save it from your browser menu.