The customer’s balance and the aged debtors report don't match

Many people use the aged debtor report to check that the balance on the customer's balance is also correct. In most circumstances, the two figures should match.

This explains what to do when the figures don't match.

Why the report may not match

This usually because your customer balance includes all sales invoices, payments and credit, including those dated in the future. Your aged debtors report only shows transactions up to the date specified on the report.

What you need to check

  • Check that you have chosen the correct date for the aged debtors report. If the date is in the past, the report may not include some more recently dated transactions.
  • Make sure the invoices showing as outstanding in the report are shown as outstanding in your customer record.
    • If an invoice is showing as paid on your customer activity, but outstanding on the Aged Debtors report, then the payment is dated after the date of the report. To resolve this change the date of the aged debtors report to make sure it also includes these payments.
    • If the invoices on your customer activity are not paid, then check for outstanding payments on account and match them to the outstanding invoices.
  • Make sure the payments shown on your customer activity have a type called Customer Receipt. If you have ant receipts with type Other Receipt, the payment won't be included on the Aged Debtors report.