Supplier statements

You can produce supplier statements to show the position of your account with them and to help you keep track of your account balance.

By default, the statement shows all transactions and the total invoiced to you between a date particular date range. However, you can edit the supplier statement style to generate your supplier statements for outstanding transactions only if you want to.

The supplier statements also show the amount you’ve paid and the amount you still owe at the end of the period specified.

To choose the supplier statement style

  1. Go to Settings, then Business Settings, and then Statement Settings.
  2. Under Supplier Statement Type list, select one of the following:
  • Outstanding items only. Select this option if you want your supplier statements to only show outstanding transactions.
  • All Activity. Select this option if you want your supplier statements to show all transactions.
  1. Click Save.

To produce a supplier statement

  1. Go to Contacts, then click Suppliers.
  2. Click the relevant supplier.
  3. Click Manage, then click Statements.
  4. In the To box, enter the date you want to run the statement to. Then click Calculate.
  5. To produce a PDF of the statement, click Manage Statement then Print.

Depending on your Internet browser the PDF opens in a new window or tab and you can choose to print or save it from your browser file menu.

  1. To produce a CSV file, click Manage Statement then Export to CSV file.

Depending on your browser, the file either downloads automatically to your Downloads folder or you may receive a prompt asking you to save the file to your computer. You can then open the file with Excel.