Add attachments

Add attachments to documents and transactions. Send the attached files to customers along with invoices, quotes and estimates or just link to useful supporting documents for you own information.

About Attachments

Attachments are a great way to keep track of any documents you have for a sale, purchase or journal. For example, add sales literature such as a PDF brochure, or product images to sales documents or supplier invoices, or add other supporting documents such as pictures of receipt to expenses.

  • Use the following types of file: PDF, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG

  • The maximum file size is 2.5MB. You can add more than one file to each document.

Add an attachment

  1. Create a new transaction.
  2. Select the Attachment button.

  3. Select Upload files, browse to the where you saved your file and then click Open.

    You can also drag and drop attachments into the transaction.

Email attachments to customers from sales documents

  1. To email the attachment to your customer along with sales invoice or credit note, choose Visible to customer (the blue tick means visible). :

  2. Select the Save & Email. This opens email window and allows you change or add people to send to.

  3. Your customer can see the attachments when they choose View embedded in the email. The file is not attached to the email message directly.

    image of the view invoice button from invoice email image of online invoice with attachments

  4. To add another attachment, select Upload files again and repeat step 3.
  5. To remove an attachment, select the delete button, then select Delete.

Recurring invoices

For recurring sales invoices, attachments added when creating a new recurring invoice are just for internal use and nor added to the sales invoices created from the template or sent to your customers.

To send attachments, edit the invoice that's created from the template and then add the attachment.

View an attachment

  1. Browse to the relevant transaction (sales or purchase invoice, journal etc.) and select it.
  2. Select the Attachment button.

  1. You can add and remove attachments or to view the attachment, select the file name.

From here you can zoom in and out, rotate the file and also download it.