Import journal entries

Save time by importing journals from a spreadsheet instead of entering them one by one. Use our template to make sure your spreadsheet contains the correct headings and formats.

What you need to know

To import journals, your spreadsheet must

  • Only contain journals for existing ledger accounts. If necessary, create new ledger accounts in your chart of accounts before importing the file.
  • Use the same column headings and formatting as in the journals template file we provide.
  • Be saved in comma separated value (CSV) format.

Play a video on how to import journal entries:

Download the CSV template file

  1. From Adjustments, Journals, select New Journal and then Import Journals.

  2. Select the CSV template link to on the Import Journals window to download a CSV template you can use to import your data.

Location of the link to download the temaplate file

  1. Go to the downloads folder on your device to find the file.

Prepare the CSV file

To import journals from a CSV, choose to either

  • Compare your existing CSV file to the template file before importing your journals. Make sure the column headings and data format in your file match the template.

  • Add your journals to the template file. Leave the column headings as they are and then replace the sample data with your journals, using the same format.

Import multiple lines as a single journal

You can import a single or multiple journals from one import file.

When preparing your file,

  • list all lines you want in one journal under the same reference.

  • complete columns A, B, and C once, and then list the details of each individual line in the remaining columns.

  • make sure the Debit and Credit amounts (columns G and H) for each line in the journal are the same (or balance to zero).

Once imported, this will create one journal with a line for each item.

We create a new journal when the data in column A is different to the previous row.

Import the journals file

  1. From Adjustments, Journals, select New Journal and then Import Journals.
  2. Select Choose File. Browse to your CSV file and then choose Open.
  3. Select Upload. If any file issues are found during the process, fix them and then try again.
  4. Select OK.

If you're importing a large file, wait for the import process to finish before entering new transactions.

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