Create a new customer or supplier contact

Create contact records when you deal with the same customers or suppliers on a regular basis. This saves you time when entering your income and expenses and helps you keep track of who owes you money and who you owe money to.

Contact records can be created with as little information as a Name.

Choose to keep our defaults or enter your own information. You can do this now or come back and edit the record at any time.

When you start entering transactions such as sales invoices, we use the information set on the contact record to determine the , VAT rate, due date, currency and price.

How to enter contacts

If you have already have a list of exiting customers or suppliers, consider importing them from a spreadsheet (CVS file). Otherwise create each customer or supplier individually.

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Import customer and supplier contacts

Create a customer contact

Create a supplier contact

Set up a contact as a contractor for CIS

Set up a contact as a subcontractor for CIS

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