Edit and manage suppliers

Keep track of what you've bought from the suppliers contact record. From here you can see how much you owe the supplier and track individual purchases.

Select a supplier from the Contacts list to open their record and work with these tabs.

Edit a supplier

  1. From Contacts, select Suppliers, then select the supplier from the list.

  2. Change the required details of the relevant tabs. Choose the edit icon next to each section to make changes.

Things to consider

  • Contacts are linked to their addresses. If you delete an address, any contacts associated with that address are also deleted.

  • Once a transactions are entered, you can't change the Currency. If the customer is set up with the wrong currency, then make this record Inactive, and set up a new contact record.

For more information about each tab, read Create a supplier contact

Summary details

The top of the page is a summary of the key information about supplier's account. This shows you details about the amount outstanding as well as showing you the main contact details and whether the supplier is Active or Inactive.

How we calculate the numbers

The number of transactions that make up each total is shown in brackets.

To work out the purchases made from a supplier, we add up all purchase transactions then deduct the total value of credit transactions.

Purchase transactions are

  • Purchase invoices and quick entry invoices.

  • Cash expenses recorded as an Other Payment .

Credit transactions are

  • Credit notes and quick entry credit notes.

  • Cash refunds recorded as an Other Receipt.

How we calculate the summary values

Outstanding amount

Total value of all outstanding purchase transactions less outstanding credit transactions. These are unpaid purchase invoices less

  • Unallocated payments. These are payments on account that are not yet matched to invoices

  • Unallocated credit notes. These are credit notes that are not yet matched to invoices.


Total value of unpaid purchase invoices that have passed their due date less any outstanding credit notes.

Purchases to Date

Total value of purchases up to today's date.

Purchases this year

Total value of purchases for this financial year.

Average purchase

Total value of purchases divided by the number of purchases transactions.

Track invoices, credit notes, and payments

Use the Activity tab to find details of invoices, credit notes and payments for each supplier.

Just double click on a row to open the transaction. Depending on its status, you can edit, print or delete it. If it's an invoice you can pay it from here.

Change the dates at the top of the list to find older transactions. This defaults to the last calendar month.

Tips for using the list

  • Use the Type drop-down list to just view a certain transactions types, such as purchase invoices only or payments only.

  • Change the Status drop-down to view outstanding (unpaid) transactions only.

  • Select a column heading to sort in alphabetical or numerical order.

Tips for finding transactions

  • Sort the list using the column headings

  • Use the Search to find a transaction by reference.

Print or export a list of transactions

Use the check boxes to select the transactions. Use the check box in the column header to select all.

Choose to Print or export to CSV using the icons on the toolbar.