Setting financial dates

Set important financial dates for your business before entering transactions.

Go to More, Settings, Fiscal year and then enter a:

  • Year End Date. The last day of your financial year. For example, if your financial year runs from January to December, enter December 31.
  • Year End Lockdown. If you don’t want anyone to enter transactions on or before a certain date, enter the it here. For example, the last day of your previous financial year.
  • Accounts Start Date. Enter the date you will start using Accounting Start. For example, if you stopped using your previous accounting system on September 30, enter October 1.

Any opening balances must be dated before this date. For example, if you enter October 1, opening Balances must be dated of September 30 or earlier. Once you start entering transactions, they will be dated October 1 or later.

Create entries before the accounts start date

If you want to create a transaction that is before the accounts start date, you can enter it as an opening balance or a journal.