Create the Balance Sheet report

The balance sheet is a snapshot of the worth of your business from the day you started trading, up to the date you specify. It details your company's assets and liabilities. The balance sheet includes values for your:

  • Fixed assets
  • Current assets
  • Liabilities
  • Equity

Profit and loss values appear in the equity section of the report. This is the total net profit or loss for the same period.

To generate the report

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click Balance Sheet.
  3. Enter the end date for the report.

    There's no start date, as the balance sheet shows the worth of your business from the business start date up to the end date on the report.

  4. To view how the values are calculated for a particular ledger account, click the relevant line.

    Depending on the calculations you want to view, this links to either the General Ledger Report or the Profit and Loss Report for the same period. You can then drill down on these reports further to view the individual transactions that make up the values. To return to the Balance Sheet Report, click Back on your browser menu bar.

  5. To save or print the report, click Export and choose CSV or PDF.